Nowadays, the big cities are more and more growing and attracting a large number of people are moving from the rural to cities to live and work. Along with this continuous development, office building, apartment complexes, residential areas are increasing rapidly. According to Ho Chi Minh City Department of Construction, around the last 5 years, the percentage of apartment doubles compared to in 2009. Many people living and working in this area has a lot of easily- fired equipment. But most of the residents and building managers do not care so much about prevention of fire until unfortunate incident happened as serious fire of Carina Apartment in HCM City that killed 13 people and damaged many properties.

If you live in an apartment, understanding the risks and having a preparation for fire can save your life and your family. Most apartment fires are caused by human errors and carelessness, therefore, are often preventable. A bit of preparation can stop a small accident leading to a big tragedy. Here’s what you need to know to prevent, fight, and escape from apartment fires.

Practice Fire prevention in City Tower

Emergency exit

There are a number of escape routes and exits to be provided based on the number of residents in each unit, main exits are stairs and also you will see the escape routes by following the building’ direction guidance.

When apartments get on fire, smoke, heat and poison gas always rises from the downstairs to upstairs and the fire tends to spread along the height of the building. That will increase the risk of rapid fire spreading. At the same time, the higher building is, the more difficult to rescue residents because of time-consuming. Modern equipment for fighting fire in Viet Nam only reaches up to the 20th floor.

Equip yourself with fire escape kit such as smoke mask, fire escape ladder, fire extinguisher, emergency hammers.

Fire extinguisher

Another good way in emergency circumstances is to keep a fire extinguisher on hand to stop minor fires before they spread. You can buy one by yourself or building manager will buy it and check to make sure that it is up-to-date and working properly.

Smoke mask

As you know, many people don’t realize that most deaths in a fire are caused by smoke inhalation, not burns. Smoke can quickly incapacitate your awareness during a fire that prevent you from reaching the exits. It can take several minutes to escape from smoke and then find the exit route to run out of your building.

Fire escape ladder

If you live in a small apartment building or live in low floor, a fire escape ladder must have. This is the simple and fast way to escape safely from fire then find the way to down stair and wait for rescuers.

Emergency hammer

It is necessary to have emergency hammer in the firehouse cabinet. When you are stuck or the door is locked, use the hammer to break barriers and go out.

Practice Fire prevention in City Tower

Several steps that people can take to prevent a fire from starting in your apartment.

If the fire starts in your apartment, should be calm and quickly use a fire extinguisher to stop the fire, if possible. If it becomes bigger than before, immediately pull the nearest fire alarm as well as call 114, and then do not hesitate to leave the area.

If you realize a fire nearby or don’t know where the fire is. Never use the elevator during a fire! Use the stairs.  You must check to see if there is fire on the other side or come under the door- don’t open the door! Then you and your family get out of apartments.

Stay away from smoke and fire. If smoke naturally fast and safely rises, you can drop to the floor and crawl on your hands and knees below the smoke. Stay as low to the ground as possible especially if there is smoke in the area you’re located. Smoke inhalation can cause you to lose consciousness and get toxic chemicals. In addition, staying low below smoke will increase your ability to clearly see your escape path.

If all possible exits are blocked, it’s important to do everything you can to let any emergency medical responders know where you are. If you have a phone handy, call emergency services to let them know your exact location. If you are stuck in a room, cover all vents, close the door and put a towel, clothes, or anything on hand that can suitably cover any cracks around it. This will help keep smoke and fire from entering the room.

Be safe and go toward apartment’s escape route exit: Never jump from the door or balcony to the ground.

To sum up, a fire breaking out in your apartment is one of the most likely survival situation you are going to face. When it happens, you need to prepare your knowledge and specialized equipment to increase your chances of making it out alive.



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