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Location:  Thao Nguyen, District 9, HCMC

Type :  Apartment


Land Area: 8,572m²

Development Period: 2022 – 2024

No. of Units: 180 Units

No. of Floors: 15

Facilities: Outdoor Cafe, Garden Villa Front Yard, Residence Lift Lobby, Gym (77 m2) / Clubhouse, Deck (105 m2), Kids Pool, Jacuzzi, Family Pool, Lap Pool, Water Feature, Shade Pavilion, Playground, BBQ, Tennis Court, Outdoor Exercise Zone, Sports Courts.


Luxury Residence

Apartment, 5,300m²


1st Home An Giang

Apartment, 8,300m²


1st Home Thanh Loc

Apartment, 5000m²


Diamond City

Town house, 49ha