Official handover has begun in Imperial Place, as official documents and keys of completed homes are being given to each happy customer.

On Monday, July 27, 2020, National Housing Organization (N.H.O) began the official handover of the first homes to residents of Imperial Place. Each unit are inspected by customers and staff to ensure the quality of the handed over homes. Within a few days, more than 150 homes were given to their satisfied owners. The residents who received their apartments were very satisfied with the quality, design and finishing of their homes. Some customers were surprised with the progress of the project and expressed their sincere thanks to the developer for completing the project early.

Mr. Dung, a new owner of an Imperial Place apartment, shared, “Today I am very happy to be one of the first residents to receive a home from N.H.O, as they feel very professional. The apartment’s design is very suitable us and is good quality.”

Feeling emotional when receiving his first private home, the owner of a unit in Block B said, “After 40 years, I’m getting my first home. I could not sleep at all last night. Thanks to the developer and all people who completed the project to make a great home.”

The atmosphere and quality of the project throughout the building process has pleasantly shocked customers and government officials, as the developer and construction companies have given much attention to the overall design and quality, as well as preparing a reliable management office (Alpha Plus Property Management). With Imperial Place, N.H.O has determined to introduce a new standard of affordable housing in Vietnam.

The handover period has confirmed the trustworthy commitment of N.H.O and partner companies in the efforts to complete the project on schedule, to provide the best possible living environment for their residents. Imperial Place will be a safe home to 1,115 new families who will enjoy a wide range of shop houses, a full playground, swimming pool, gym, community room, and exercising areas to enhance their lifestyles.