On the morning of 14th May 2021, representatives of N.H.O JSC signed a strategic exclusive distribution contract for The Dragon Castle Ha Long with Dat Xanh Mien Bac. This is an ideal project that offered customers many meaningful values including a great accommodation and potential investment property at Ha Long real estate market.

A cooperative mark between two prestigious property companies

Being a prestige real estate brand, N.H.O Developer is working step by step to construct remarkable realties with safe living space to ensure residents’ health. At the moment, the Company has provided an approximation of 30,000 apartments in 18 project throughout 8 big cities of Vietnam.

Carrying expectations of providing best-quality products into Ha Long, specifically The Dragon Castle, the Developer not only puts a lot of efforts in designing and constructing, but also choose a good reputation agency for distributing the project in order to ensure the accurate information as well as impeccable experience for every client. After tight selection and long-time research, N.H.O Developer has decided to choose Dat Xanh Mien Bac Real Estate and Services Joint Stock Company to be the exclusive agent to distribute the project.

Additionally, Developer also signed an cooperation agreement with Vietcombank for purposes of offering financial support programs to meet various customer demands on having a bank loan to purchase project products. With excellence and experience in the Vietnamese market, Vietcombank is a leading, trustable and supportive bank for many N.H.O’ projects.

The Dragon Castle – A new landmark of Ha Long

Located right in King’s Town urban area, adjacent to Highway 18, the center of the new Ha Long city, The Dragon Castle is considered as a project with the most potential location in the whole area. With 1,288 apartments, the Developer expects to bring all customers an effective investment opportunity, a great house, and a place to be.

The Dragon Castle is the first Korean standard apartment in Ha Long which is designed and constructed according to Korean standards, providing 66 high-end facilities, creating a safe, healthy, and luxurious lifestyle for residents. With a team of international experts with experience in the field of design, construction, and operation management, N.H.O aims to make The Dragon Castle an ideal residence, sustainable profitability, and a symbol of prosperity in Ha Long city.