According to schedule, phase 1 of Hera project’s first apartments have officially been handed over to residents.

On 31/12/2020, N.H.O (National Housing Organization) officially handed over the first homes to residents of Hera in Hai Phong city. This event confirmed the solid commitment of the developer and the partners in their efforts to complete the high-quality project, delivering to its residents a great home as promised.

Residents who received their apartments were happily satisfied with the quality, design and equipment of the apartments. Customers expressed their sincere thanks to the new developer (N.H.O) who completed the project and gave them their homes, after a long time of waiting which was caused by the previous developer.

“Hera”, which was previously named “Grand Pacific”, was transferred to and implemented by N.H.O after a frozen waiting period of more than 10 years. This project plans to contribute to the city by changing the skyline of Hai Phong city and solving a large part of the housing demand of the residents.

Hera is strategically located in a prime residential zone of Hai Phong City, giving residents a city view as well as a river view. Next door to Mega Market and just minutes from Vincom Imperial Tower and Hai Phong City center, residents are guaranteed convenience and the highest value, both in quality of life and for future potential in the area.

N.H.O is dedicated to bring high valued homes for residents who understand the value of family, home, and a nurturing lifestyle. Since its beginning in 2012, N.H.O has been striving to raise the living standards of Vietnam, meticulously finding ways to provide more to support the lifestyles of families in each project. Providing housing for families throughout the country, and covering all regions from the south to the north, N.H.O strives to be a positive force in the real estate sector, not just by building buildings, but by providing great homes.


Helping Central Vietnam

This year, Central Vietnam has had to endure yet another summer of tragedies; three floods, four storms and a series of massive landslides. Millions of people have been affected these disasters, leaving thousands homeless, injured, separated from their families, or isolated.

Huc Commune: Home to Vietnam’s Ethnic minority groups

In Quang Tri alone, there have been reported 58 deaths and more missing, and over 320,000 people were seriously affected by flooding, resulting in over 5,000 children isolated from their schools.

In Huc Commune – the home to Vietnam’s ethnic minority groups – houses were flooded and the local school was also heavily impacted, as more than 4,000 people are now isolated by landslide-damaged roads. Families must walk 10 ~ 15km in harsh conditions to receive aid package and emergency food supplies.

N.H.O CARES efforts to provide aid for children

On November 6, 2020, National Housing Organization (N.H.O) organized a corporate charity event, encouraging N.H.O employees to join hands to help the Huc Commune. N.H.O’s CSR department “N.H.O Cares” strives to help improve the standard of the country’s future by focusing on Education. Along with provisions of scholarships, “N.H.O Cares” has partnered with Saigon Children’s Charity organization to give the children of the Huc Commune the opportunity to receive education again.

1,192 ethnic children have lost their bags, books, and school supplies in the heavy rain as their homes were flooded. Alongside a generous contribution by the company, individual donations will be collected and sent to Huc Commune, to help provide new school supplies – “Back-to-School packages” – for the children. Each package includes a special backpack, which can be used as a floating device, notebooks, and stationery.

N.H.O was honored at the 6th annual viet nam property awards 2020 with two prestigious awards.

National Housing Organization (N.H.O) has been honored with two prestigious awards at this year’s Property Guru Vietnam Property Awards ceremony which was held on the 9th of October at Intercontinental Sai Gon Hotel.

The Dragon Castle and Hera were honored for “Best Condo Development” awards.

The Dragon Castle was honored for “Best Condo Development (Ha Long Bay)”Hera was honored for “Best Condo Development (Northern Vietnam)”

The grand towers of The Dragon Castle are designed in a timeless classic architectural style; the layout creating a grandeur castle-like atmosphere, boasting a safe courtyard-type central facility zone. The property is the first to present a Korean-style apartment, and resort-like facilities and lifestyle in Ha Long. Like apartments in Korea, The Dragon Castle will provide numerous convenient amenities within the complex, providing a modern living environment for residents.

The Dragon Castle Project

The project boasts over 20 different facilities for residents to enjoy. Activities ranging from gardening, playing sports, and relaxing in coffee shops to running errands and buying groceries are all available within the complex, strategically located from the ground floor to the rooftop floor. Giving a convenient lifestyle and providing security for families is priority of The Dragon Castle.

The management will operate a Smart Lifestyle, including services to enhance the well-being and health of the residents as well as taking care of the environment with cleaner air and water quality. Monitoring and utilizing solar panels to reduce energy consumption. Residents of The Dragon Castle will be able to enjoy a higher standard of living, enriching their lifestyles with their families and friends, investing in their holistic well-being

Hera Project (Hai Phong)

Hera, a contemporary classic marvel of residential architecture, was designed to be a modern landmark of Hai Phong City.

Residents will pleasantly enjoy the convenience provided within Hera’s complex. From convenience shops to language schools and restaurants, the plaza will provide all the necessities for families, all within the property. In short, Hera is an all-in-one solution for the modern family.These awards are a great motivation for N.H.O, as we continue to strive to be a positive influence in Vietnam. As our efforts combine to help raise the living standards of the country, we focus on finding sustainable ways to provide good homes with greater value continuously, and always prioritize the wellbeing of our residents.

Exciting Mid-Autumn Atmosphere at “Kids Got Talent” Festivals

In order to bring fun and exciting community activities to our projects’ residents, from September 29th to October 1st, National Housing Organization (N.H.O) cooperated with Alpha Plus Property Management to organize a “Kids Got Talent – Happy Mid-Autumn Festival” at Sky9 apartment in District 9, Imperial Place in Binh Tan District and City Tower and Luxury Residence in Binh Duong.

The festival took place with meaningful performances such as lantern painter and conical hat painter, attracting a lot of children to participate. During the Gala Dinner of the Mid-Autumn Festival, a bubble-shaping clown, magician, and lion dances along with many other children’s games entertained for hours.

The joyful atmosphere continued throughout the event, as child talents were sought out with each “Kids got Talent”. The children received a gift from the developer and were encouraged to continue developing their talents. Not only children, but many residents joined in the Mid-Autumn Festival, and made happy memories together.

The bright faces and laughter among children and their families are the motivation for N.H.O to continue our efforts to give a bright future to our residents’ families, and to the next generation.

Official handover begins, showing bright future for customers of Imperial Place Project

Official handover has begun in Imperial Place, as official documents and keys of completed homes are being given to each happy customer.

On Monday, July 27, 2020, National Housing Organization (N.H.O) began the official handover of the first homes to residents of Imperial Place. Each unit are inspected by customers and staff to ensure the quality of the handed over homes. Within a few days, more than 150 homes were given to their satisfied owners. The residents who received their apartments were very satisfied with the quality, design and finishing of their homes. Some customers were surprised with the progress of the project and expressed their sincere thanks to the developer for completing the project early.

Mr. Dung, a new owner of an Imperial Place apartment, shared, “Today I am very happy to be one of the first residents to receive a home from N.H.O, as they feel very professional. The apartment’s design is very suitable us and is good quality.”

Feeling emotional when receiving his first private home, the owner of a unit in Block B said, “After 40 years, I’m getting my first home. I could not sleep at all last night. Thanks to the developer and all people who completed the project to make a great home.”

The atmosphere and quality of the project throughout the building process has pleasantly shocked customers and government officials, as the developer and construction companies have given much attention to the overall design and quality, as well as preparing a reliable management office (Alpha Plus Property Management). With Imperial Place, N.H.O has determined to introduce a new standard of affordable housing in Vietnam.

The handover period has confirmed the trustworthy commitment of N.H.O and partner companies in the efforts to complete the project on schedule, to provide the best possible living environment for their residents. Imperial Place will be a safe home to 1,115 new families who will enjoy a wide range of shop houses, a full playground, swimming pool, gym, community room, and exercising areas to enhance their lifestyles.




Thuan An City: Launching a model of Safe residential area of security and fire protection

On the morning of July 28, the provincial police coordinated with the People’s Committee of Thuan An City held a launching ceremony of a Model of Safe Residential Area of Safety and Security (ANTT) and fire prevention and protection at City Tower residential area in Hung Loc, Hung Dinh ward.

Representatives signed commitments to implement fire prevention and safety criteria to City Tower apartment

At the event, the police of Thuan An City announced the establishment decision, operation regulations, introducing the committee and management board as the model was launched. In addition, the representatives signed commitments to implement the criteria to keep City Tower apartment a safe project with security and fire protection. Through building this model it will promote the roles of people who help make residential areas more green, clean, beautiful, and safe environments.

City Tower apartment currently has 527 apartments with more than 1,000 residents, including approximately 220 international residents. At the time of handover, the developer N.H.O fully supplied safe systems and equipment for fire prevention and protection as a general policy. The police of Hung Dinh ward regularly cooperates with departments to propagate and mobilize households in the apartments to abide by policies and laws of the government.