When N.H.O develops a brand new project to build future homes, we spend a long time doing research on the land, analyzing the local lifestyle, and understanding the demand of our customers. Therefore, we always appreciate any opportunity to directly meet residents at our projects to observe their daily life and listen to their stories about their beloved homes.

The new year is just around the corner, and there is hustle and bustle everywhere. However, residents of projects developed by N.H.O can still find some moments of peace and quiet in their cozy, decorated homes to welcome the Tet Holiday.

Mr. Nguyen Van Tam welcomed us warmly during their family meal time. Mr. Tam and his wife are young business people, willing to share their lucky connection with the City Tower project.

“Actually, in the past, I didn’t like the idea of moving to an apartment because our family was used to living in a townhouse for years. However, when I saw this apartment, I was totally surprised because it was quite airy, full of light and has a very good feng shui direction. Then I quickly changed my mind and immediately processed all procedures within 4 days.”

The family’s previous townhouse was much bigger than their current apartment, but he still felt comfortable here because of its delicate and intelligent design that helps owners arrange the interior easily. The southeast-facing direction, which usually receives fresh wind and sunshine, is a critical reason his family can feel relaxed after a tiring day of work and study.

We were delighted by the happy faces of Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Trieu’s family when we visited her large three-bedroom apartment in the Luxury Residence project. Especially, each area in the house was delicately arranged to suit the needs of each family member.

“We bought this house at the same time our family welcomed our new little member, so we have so many memories here. The house is spacious and well designed. At the time we received the house, I was very happy because I never thought that I could buy a house as nice as this at such an affordable price. Some surrounding projects were also selling at similar prices, but the products were not as beautiful as this.”

Ms. Trieu shared that she wished more and more people would know and experience the reasonably priced, high-quality projects of N.H.O.

Designing and developing all projects according to Korean standards with the needs of customers in mind is always a significant strength of N.H.O. Mr. Nguyen Huu Hai, a longtime billboard advertiser partner of N.H.O, had many opportunities to observe and evaluate the quality of the projects. Realizing that N.H.O’s delivers quality in many aspects such as design, construction, property management, and security, his family decided to move from a townhouse to an apartment at Imperial Place to the surprise of his neighbors.

He and his wife said that this was absolutely the right decision. After moving to Imperial Place, his family’s quality of life improved, and daily life became easier and more comfortable. He was especially happy that he had chosen a secure and sustainable place for his family. In the cozy atmosphere laced with holiday music, he cheerfully said that his friends and relatives would be willing to purchase 5 more apartments from N.H.O in the future.

Ms. Pham Thi Duy Hai, a resident of Luxury Residence, also shared that the project featured outstanding design and quality compared to other surrounding projects in the same segment. As an experienced real estate agent, she was very pleased to choose N.H.O’s apartment after considering many different projects.

In addition to the satisfaction of enjoying the stunning design and construction quality at a reasonable price, residents also found convenience in daily activities.

Ms. Dang Bich Thuy, who lived in a townhouse for a long time in the past, is now a resident of Imperial Place. She shared that she was “very surprised and happy when the apartments at Imperial Place met all the expectations of an ideal home for a family.”

In particular, she appreciates the convenience stores in the project’s shophouses, which only take a few steps to get to and serve as a great alternative to the local market. Besides that, she and her husband have been enjoying walking and exercising each day while their children swim or play badminton. Even some celebrations like weddings and birthday parties could be held in the large halls of the projects.

Security is also an important priority that parents consider when choosing a suitable home for their family. “I can let my children play at the playground by themselves without worrying. We don’t have to drive for kilometers to find a swimming pool or a secure playground for our kids”. Thuy said.

Following Ms. Tran Thanh Anh Tuyen to visit her home in City Tower, she also shared the same priority to find a suitable environment for her children to grow. “City Tower meets all our expectations: A large living room, a green campus for children to play in, a Family Center which organizes many useful activities that children love, and the security which brings peace of mind for residents.”

The Family Center can be considered as a “special edition” Community Room that is only available at N.H.O projects. The Family Center was developed by the management company Alpha Plus, a strategic partner of N.H.O. Family Centers include reading rooms, meeting rooms, and study areas for residents. There are a variety of enriching activities held at the Family Center that receive much enthusiasm from the residents, such as community painting, singing competition, arts and crafts classes, English classes for children, and more. Citing the numerous facilities at City Tower, Ms. Tuyen believes that it will be the best environment for her children.

Mr. Nguyen Huu Hai also shared an interesting reason why his family really took root in Imperial Place. Initially, his family only intended to visit the apartment to relax on weekends, but then their two sons really liked staying there. “My sons visit the swimming pool and the soccer field every day. They do not go to the gym yet because they are not old enough”, he said. “My family is completely satisfied with our new life at Imperial Place. The quality of life has improved markedly.”

The well-thought-out system of internal facilities helps optimize busy modern life. Now, the whole family can enjoy a comfortable and healthy life right at their cozy apartment complex.

Many people believe that after handing over the apartment, the developer will not take any responsibility for the project and the residents. However, this is not the case with N.H.O.

Few people know that the company car of N.H.O is a frequent customer of the projects’ car parks. The N.H.O team visits the projects regularly to capture moments of residents’ music nights, to cooperate with the management board to organize community programs, or to send grocery bags to help people overcome Covid-19.

In 2020 and 2021, N.H.O and Alpha Plus donated necessities to residents affected by Covid-19 in Imperial Place, Sky9, Luxury Residence, City Tower, and other projects. Through those difficult times, the residents grew closer and closer to each other and to N.H.O.

Mr. Mai Xuan Tu felt that “the management company is really caring and N.H.O has a good reputation for taking care of the residents. When HCMC came under lockdown, the management company and N.H.O supported the residents a lot. These efforts helped City Tower become a bright green zone in the heart of the red zone in Binh Duong Province.”

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Thao echoed Mr. Tu and said that she has “never seen a management board and an investor as dedicated and dutiful like Alpha Plus and N.H.O before”.

Thanks to the team’s dedication and the well-developed Covid-19 prevention and control measures, people felt supported and overcame fragile moments of life and death. Of note, a strong volunteer movement in the community also developed.

After 2 years of living in Imperial Place, Ms. Dang Thi Bich Thuy realized that the value of the apartment far exceeded the price that she paid. She is happy to live in a civilized community, a project that was developed with care and enthusiasm by a management board and investors who have a heart for the well-being of the residents. “This is something I never thought of before moving to Imperial Place,” she said.


As investors, we are extremely happy to witness the joy of those who chose to live in projects developed by N.H.O. N.H.O wishes to continue growing and sharing the fruit of our work with the community, especially with those who have been with us.

Day by day, with our expertise in design and construction focused on the customer experience, modern facilities geared towards building a cohesive community, and care for the lives of the residents after the handover, N.H.O strives to fulfill the dream of building 10.000 houses for Vietnamese families.


The National Housing Organization (N.H.O) was recently awarded a “hat-trick” of prestigious awards for the Promena apartment project, which was organized by Property Guru. This is an interesting brand highlight and compelling proof of N.H.O’s real estate capabilities.

In the center of Thu Duc city, Promena has a stunning view of the 300-hectare ecological reserve.

Prestigious recognitions

N.H.O’s Promena apartment complex was given the Regional Winner prize at the Asia Property Awards 2021 on 9th December 2021, after overcomed 21 other exceptional projects. This is Asia’s most prestigious award for real estate “talents”, as voted for by a panel of judges who are leading industry experts. These award-winning projects have to pass a series of extremely rigorous criteria.

Promena was honored at the AisaProperty Awards 2021 on 09/12/2021

Previously, at the Vietnam Property Awards 2021, held on 26th November 2021, the Promena apartment project was also honored with 2 prestigious awards: Winner for Best High End Condo Architectural Design (Ho Chi Minh City) and Highly Commended for Best High End Condo Development (Ho Chi Minh City).

Promena was honored at the Vietnam Property Awards 2021 on 26/11/2021

Promena has 180 apartments, of which 80 are commercial apartments for sale and 100 serviced apartments are managed and operated by Somerset. The project is situated in a unique location, just across from a 300-hectare landscape ecological reserve in Thu Duc city.

N.H.O has carefully engaged in research and design process with the application of high-class living standards, integrating natural components into products, and producing Individual impressions on each architectural space and interior of the flat in order to optimize this unique terrain.

The Promena apartment’s design is inspired by the woodland and incorporates natural elements into each living room.

Mr. Chung You Seok, CEO of N.H.O, explained that N.H.O received the design prize as the Developer concentrates on building the mid-range housing market for the majority of people, so N.H.O won the architectural design award for a high-end project like Promena seems like a big surprise. However, in fact, NHO’s employees and partners as Shin Yeong (Project Manager), Adu (Architectural Design), and Handong (Construction General Contractor) all have a lot of experiences in high-end real estate development with many big projects in Korea, China, India, Singapore….

“Promena is a limited-edition apartment collection for a small group of customers, a project aimed at “holistic living”, the next step in an elite lifestyle toward a holistic balance of material and spiritual life. “The balance is represented in architectural products that are very adaptable to nature, resulting in an overall harmony between people, space, and natural components,” Mr. Chung explained.

Waiting for the amazing product to be released on the market

Promena, located at the entrance to Thu Duc Golf & Country Club, at the intersection of city and nature, Promena is like a balanced transitional place, both quiet and separate from the bustle of the city but still maintain the connection and integration of luxury facilities, not inferior to any project in the center.

Mr. Chung said, Promena’s design concept inspired from the natural elements in the forest, absorbing the clear, fresh and surprised energy of the air, trees, grass, flowers, leaves, stones and water, create a harmonious and balanced architectural style. Traffic organization in the complex is also inspired by the soft water flowing into the central large lake where water and fortune meet. Drawing inspiration from the shape of a natural rock in the middle of a flow, the Clubhouse becomes a convergence of energy, and a destination of a new green lifestyle for the resident experience.

The facilities system is also arranged between the swimming pool and the “forest” creating unique experiences of multi-dimensional connection – private enough to connect with yourself, open enough to connect the community and nature. The promenade and jogging track inside the central courtyard surrounded by trees increase comfort and beauty.

The delicate and expressive architecture of the Promena condos made the changes to the project and help receiving a “hat-trick” award.

Combined with the character of the cool microclimate of the forest, the building was designed to minimize heat exposure, maximize shading and natural cooling with arched windows. The central courtyard is where residents will enjoy a variety of facilities that have been expanded to maximize shade and add green space overlooking the rich “forest”.

Both the Garden Villa and the Sky Villa both have void design and have an additional mezzanine floor to help the apartment design achieve “dual” goals: maximum visibility and optimal use of area. All Villas apartments have high ceilings, especially the standard of 1 elevator/2 units to promote the privacy level of future owners. Sky Villas also has a luxurious rooftop with swimming pool and barbecue area, where every living experience is immersed in the beautiful scenery of nature through the panorama view. As a “boutique” residence, the low BCR (building construction ratio) gives each family a sense of exclusivity and privacy, while also having a sense of freedom in creating their own lifestyle.

The spaces outside the apartment are also quite “privileged” the owners, such as the front yard or private balcony, which are both big in size, notably the private garage in the basement for 1 car, 2 motorcycles, and plenty of space for golf kit.

As N.H.O plan, Promena will be announced to the market in early 2022, will be completed and handover in the third quarter of 2023. With a slew of outstanding advantages, this “super product” is well worth the wait for many people.


N.H.O donated medical equipment for COVID-19 prevention and management for Hau Giang province

On September 24, 2021, N.H.O National Housing Organization JSC and other firms donated 16,000 COVID-19 quick test kits to the Hau Giang provincial Department of Health in support of the province’s epidemic prevention and control efforts.The assistance of medical supplies from corporations and enterprises, including N.H.O, according to the head of Hau Giang province, is not only a material but also a moral offering. This provides the province with additional opportunities to successfully carry out its epidemic prevention and control activities.
This is one of N.H.O’s actions as part of a series of company-wide efforts to assist the community in combating the COVID-19 epidemic. To share hardships after a long period of isolation, N.H.O and strategic partners gave needs to homes at Imperial Place, Sky 9 condominiums in Ho Chi Minh City and City Tower, Luxury Residence in Binh Duong province.


National Housing Organization Joint Stock Company (N.H.O) has accumulated a wealth of expertise and established its reputation in the Vietnamese real estate industry over the period of its nine(9)-year establishment. Mr. Kim Kyoo Chul, a member of N.H.O’s Board of Directors, spoke about the company’s future development plans.

Mr. Kim Kyoo Chul, a member of N.H.O’s Board of Directors

Sir, what is N.H.O’s most significant achievement after more than 9 years of operation?

Kim Kyoo Chul: N.H.O. entered the Vietnamese real estate market late, at an inopportune period due to the country’s deteriorating economy. However, we are lucky to have discovered a product sector that caters to the majority of people’s requirements. Young families that have never owned a property make up a considerable section of the population in major cities like as Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Hai Phong, and Hanoi. The method used by NHO is to concentrate on enhancing the management process. To deliver excellent quality goods at prices appropriate to the income level of the Vietnamese people, management, superior technology, and significant investment in the design stage are required. The ecology of N.H.O is gradually developing, and the next initiative always has evident benefits over the one before it.

So what are the outstanding features of N.H.O’s ecosystem, sir?

So, what distinguishes NHO’s ecology from others? When NHO forms a collaboration with contractors, three key criteria come into play: “share a vision,” “transparency,” and “raise standards.” We collaborate on a constant basis to improve the closed value chain, which includes planning, design, construction, and operations management. For example, Handong E&C is a construction partner that serves as the general contractor for all of N.H.O.’s projects. Not only is this a highly experienced contractor, but he also knows local norms and legislation and is always willing to give creative ideas to assist complete the project on time and to the greatest possible standard. Our company’s motto is “raising standard,” and we live by it every day.

N.H.O also collaborates with ADU (architectural design), Shin Yeong, and others (project manager). N.H.O’s goods are highly valued because residents will always feel comfortable, secure, and safe in their homes thanks to the experience and professionalism of these crucial partners. Despite the fact that the apartments developed by N.H.O are of the same size, we notice that they are always more airy, roomy, and closer to nature due to appropriate design solutions.

And what is the product of this value chain? Can you share about the business situation of N.H.O?

NHO has completed and will complete 18 projects totaling over 30,000 apartments and townhouses in eight provinces and cities across the nation, including Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, An Giang, Da Nang, Quang Ngai, Hanoi, and Haiphong. In recent years, N.H.O has grown at a pace of 30% each year on average.

The Dragon Castle Ha Long with modern and classy architecture.

Businesses are experiencing “headaches” as they look for land to launch new projects. Sir, how about N.H.O?

In the past, N.H.O. has been proactively hunting for land finance to prepare for the next breakthrough phase, in line with the completion of the apparatus. We now have enough land to continue growing for many years, but we are continuously looking for new investment possibilities. Because real estate growth requires a long-term perspective, not just a few years in the near future.

Furthermore, early land fund accumulation is a strategy for lowering product costs and increasing competitiveness. Our viewpoint is that we should enhance the project development process gradually but steadily so that we can please all consumers with better and better products, so contributing to the construction of a new business style. A new way of life for the community, yet the price is always set at a level that is affordable to the majority of those in need of housing. N.H.O considers consumers to be the service center and looks for methods to provide them with fresh and unique living experiences at a reasonable cost.

So, sir, what are some of the notable projects that N.H.O is working on?

N.H.O. is now focused on a variety of projects in the Northern area. The Dragon Castle Ha Long apartment complex in Quang Ninh province is a prominent project that is now for sale. The project offers 1,288 units as well as a number of self-contained amenities such as an infinity pool, a gym, a park, a BBQ space, and a sophisticated security system. The Dragon Castle Ha Long has a unique characteristic. It is located in the new core of Ha Long City and has not only contemporary infrastructure and many accompanying services, but also distinctive architectural design with a direct view of Ha Long Bay. Residents may enjoy a resort-style living experience thanks to the green dragon. Because Ha Long is being heavily invested in order to become Vietnam’s premier tourist destination, the value of The Dragon Castle Ha Long apartment will undoubtedly rise dramatically over time.

The luxurious infinity pool of The Dragon Castle Ha Long.

What do you think the real estate market will look like in the foreseeable future, particularly following the Covid 19 pandemic?

Despite several achievements, Vietnam’s real estate sector is still in its early phases of growth. Vietnamese people’s housing demands are still quite high nowadays. Significant cities like Ho Chi Minh City, Binh Duong, Hanoi, Hai Phong, and Quang Ninh are economic engines, bringing a large number of employees to work and live, causing housing demand to continually surpass supply. Furthermore, because Vietnam is becoming a popular location for FDI and foreign tourists, real estate values are likely to change significantly. The present Covid-19 outbreak is slowing the market, but I believe it is merely a transitory element due to widespread social separation. The market will very definitely become stronger than it was before the outbreak, like a compressed spring after a lengthy period of time. Part of the reason is that all costs of production, such as materials, labor, and transportation, have risen. The other factor is that, following the pandemic, many individuals will be more conscious of the need of having a separate nest to secure the safety of their families and loved ones.

Thank you!



N.H.O has had remarkable success with numerous projects in Vietnam provinces and cities over the last 9 years, with a strong determination in building a product category with affordable prices aiming at the majority of people

When the real estate market in Da Nang slowed in 2012, a new project was launched that drew a lot of attention since Customers could purchase a 60m2 two-bedroom apartment for only 450 million VND. NestHome is a project of the National Housing Organization Joint Stock Company (N.H.O) with Korean founders and a Singaporean investor.

NestHome not only has a low price compared to other competitors, but it also attracts Customers over with synchronized planning, intelligent and insightful design, and a broad range of utilities to fulfill residents’ demands. The results were amazing that  all 420 apartments were sold out ahead of plan.

Catching opportunities

Although the founders of N.H.O. had a successful launch with NestHome for a vast number of Customers, their starting point was high-end real estate. Mr. Kim Kyo Chul, a member of the NHO board of director, said he is well-trained and experienced in advising for multi-billion dollar real estate planning projects in Korea and  ASIAN. After arriving in Vietnam, he worked on the development of a number of high-end real estate projects with the hopes of making a breakthrough in his profession. Then he was taken aback when he discovered that the majority of the Vietnamese laborers who worked beside him did not own a house.

“I have about 30 to 40 staffs who don’t have a house, and they reflected a large number of Vietnamese who have never got one”. Undoubtedly, there is a tremendous demand for housing, but most Vietnamese have been unable to obtain it due to exorbitant pricing” Mr.Kim recalled.

Having a thorough understanding of the market’s demand and possible prospects, Mr. Kim and his associates were determined to establish NHO in 2012 with the goal of becoming a leading company in developing quality housing projects at affordable prices, thus most Vietnamese could afford them.

When it comes to project design, maximizing apartment functions, and investing in facilities for residents, N.H.O’s products form their own qualities. N.H.O has completed 12 projects to yet, bringing approximately 10,000 housing units to market, primarily at costs below 1 billion VND per unit. N.H.O’s Customers include many people who are purchasing their first house. After being handed over to customers, the value of many initiatives skyrockets. In the previous five years, N.H.O. has grown at a pace of 30% every year on average.

Maximize value for customers

N.H.O expanded its efforts to numerous other locations, with a concentration on the Northern Vietnam, after creating a buzz in Ho Chi Minh City with typical projects including Sky9 and Imperial Place. Mr. Kim considers these areas because the location has a lot of potentials. The advantages include the rising labor market, well-connected infrastructure, and dynamic economy.

Mr. Kim emphasizes that N.H.O’s advantage in acquiring new markets is due to its adaptability. If NHO used to put a lot of emphasis on “hardware,” that is, constructing the foundations for reliable housing, now the firm focuses more on “software,” which helps determine the community’s future and lifestyle. “A house is ultimately not only a place to live, but also a place to nourish people’s lifestyles and spirits,” Mr.Kim explained.

Such movement is noticeable in the projects that N.H.O has lately put up for sale. Typically, Dragon Castle Ha Long is the province of Quang Ninh’s major project. The apartments in this building include a main door that leads directly to the living room and an open glass balcony that faces the sea, allowing occupants to enjoy relaxing moments while observing Ha Long Bay and breathing in the fresh sea breeze. These residences, which are expected to cost around 1 billion dong, will be formally given over in Q1.2023.

The Dragon Castle Ha Long is attracting many customers in Quang Ninh

The N.H.O’s BOD expects 15,000-25,000 housing units each year in the next years, believing that this is the best quantity to impact the market “However, N.H.O.’s mission is not to increase profits, but to decrease expenses and maximize the value it offers to customers” Mr.Kim addressed.

What gives N.H.O the confidence to pursue this goal? That’s because N.H.O owns a closed ecosystem that includes design, construction, and project management, according to Mr. Kim. This is a benefit for the firm to grow, especially in terms of solving the problem of product cost optimization. As a real estate developer, NHO is at the center of this strategy, working in strategic partnership with top partners such as ADU (architectural design), Handong (construction general contractor), and Shin Yeong (project management).

Mr. Kim stated that N.H.O. has concentrated on strengthening the relationship from its beginning in order to enable many families believe that they can purchase a good home despite their modest income. In the next five years, N.H.O hopes to put its founders’ experience in high-end real estate development into commodities that would steadily increase housing standards in Vietnam.