In just a few months from the launching day, all the units of Saigon Metro Park have found their owners. The project is planned to hand-over in the third period of this year. The prestige of the developer has been proven by the construction progress, the legality.

Ms Tran Thi Diu Hoa said at the event: “At the very beginning, N.H.O was formed with a dream to develop quality housing with exceptional value for the Vietnamese consumers. N.H.O has studied a lot about the trends as well as demand coming from condo buyers. In additional, N.H.O cooperates with prestige international partners in Saigon Metro Park project. The successful of Saigon Metro Park is a firm base and N.H.O will keep building more quality projects in the future”.

With the total area of 3.151 m² and total ground area of 21.094.93 m², Saigon Metro Park has 15 floors, 319 units (included 11 shop-houses) and a 3.325 m² parking area. Besides, each unit in the project has at least 2 bedrooms – from 47.11 m² to 71.54 m. The owner can also maximize the using space by the clever design.

Saigon Metro Park locates at the heart of the eastern Sai Gon. In front of the project is street no.37 that connects 2 main streets – Pham Van Dong street and Ha Noi Boulevard. From Saigon Metro Park, residents can easily get to city center area (district 1, district 9, district 7, Go Vap district).

Besides, resident can approach nearby districts, and provinces by the convenient transportation such as Metro Railway No.1. For this reason, Saigon Metro Park is considered as a potential project. And in the future, once the railway finish, the real estate in this area will raise by 10%-20%.


In recently, real estate nearby Ho Chi Minh CBD tends to get positive changes. Especially, by the favorable position, district 9 is attracting the investors not only in Vietnam but also international.

Lying along Ha Noi boulevard, district 9 is just 7km from Ho Chi Minh CBD. In the east is Nhon Trach town, Bien Hoa city, and Dong Nai province; in the west is Thu Duc district; in the South is district 2; and in the North is Di An – Binh Duong province.

Therefore, district 9 can connect directly to HCM CBD as well as others nearby provinces. District 9 will also gain much advantage from the Metro Rail Way No.1 in the future.

In addition, district 9 can also connect easily to the provinces in South Middle of Vietnam and provinces in the highland through HCM-Long Thanh highway and National ways. Moreover, by the ring road no.3 (My Phuoc – Tan Van – Nhon Trach), the transportation among Binh Duong, Ho Chi Minh and Nhon Trach will be easier.

Not only taking advantages in location, District 9 strength lies in geography also. It surrounds by Saigon river, Dong Nai river and Ong Nhieu river so that the weather is mild all over the year.

Thanks for the favorable location, many investors in Vietnam and international have invested in district 9. A typical instance is High-tech park, the so-called silicon valley of Ho Chi Minh, where many top international companies located such as Samsung or Inter etc. Besides, Aeon Mall will set up its new supermarket in the location which will raise the living standard in district 9.

In additional, many highlight projects such as Sun Tower by N.H.O or Riveria, Mega Residence, Goldora have appeared in district 9. These projects are well-designed which create a high-class residential and secure area.

This area is promised to raise the price dramatically in the future.